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  • Eugenic gender selection though conceiving naturally, having a boy or a girl with advanced technology:
  • First of all, we are not a medical institution. There is nothing we can do for those who have infertility. But if you and your spouse both have fertility, it is entirely possible to select the gender of your child by using the product of our company - natural internal eugenic gender-selection conception.
            Natural internal gender-selection conception method is also called natural gender-selection, which is a secret product developed exclusively by our company based on classified cutting-edge scientific researches. The basis of this method is: based on the physiological characteristics of each couple (including the birthdays of the husband and wife, and dietary habits, etc), we speculate the peak time of X/Y sperm production through a rigorous scientific system, and designate the months suitable for natural gender selection, then achieve the result through minor adjustments to the life styles of couples. Different from risky artificial fertilization, this natural internal fertilization method is convenient, but it also makes your baby grow in natural maternal environment; and it is also different from folk ancient prescriptions C since its release, our product has been used successfully by many couples with only few failures thus our success rate is 99.99%, while traditional folk prescriptions are rarely successful.
            We promise: if you failed in selecting the child's gender as per our method during the months for conception that we decide (that is the actual gender of your child is opposite to the gender you originally selected on our website), you only need to provide us with the type-B ultrasonic result or birth certificate of your child by fax or by mail. We will refund you 100% after we verify your proof. We offer 100% money back guarantee as long as you can provide proofs.

  • Low costs:
  • Compared to the expensive costs of selecting gender by artificial insemination, our costs can only be described by one word: Inexpensive!
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